Sonic Heroes 2 with New teams


  • No Godmodding
  • No character gets left behind


Team Sonic-SplashTheHedgehog

Team Dark- Dark Lunaros

Team Rose-Me-Mow

Team Chaotix -The bright cube

Team Metal-Ronnoc the Hedgehog

Team Robotnik-

Team Dimension- SplashTheHedgehog

Team Nocturne-Shade,Nocturne Equites,Gemerl-PitsBrother143

Team Underground-Sonia,ART(Metal sonic form),Manic-Shadow the Black Arm Hedgehog

Team Badnik-Coconuts.Scratch,Grounder-

Team Chaotix II-Bean,Ray,Mighty-

Team Destructo-Scrouge,Lord Ix,Mephiles-Berryleaf

Team Darkloid-Cosmoman.exe,ShadeMan.exe,Cloudman.exe

Team Splash -SplashTheHedgehog

Team Light-Speed - Tynic The Hedgehog

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