Sanjay The Hedgehog
Sanjay, Is one of The Heroes From Mobius
Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Hedgehog
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Health 100
Level 4
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Location Everywhere
Sanjay The Hedgehog, Is a Character in Sonic Heroes.

Appearnce Edit

Sanjay Is a Hedgehog Representing Sanjay From Sanjay and Craig, He Wears A white T-Shirt Along With Black Shorts.

Appearnces Edit

Team Edit

Most Likely, Sanjay is From Team Star, In Sonic Party and Sonic Phantasy, But In Sonic Cronicles DX, He is Moved To Team Chaos.

Evil Version Edit

Sanjay Has an Evil Nemisis Called Yajnas (Which is his Name Spelled Backwards), He Is A Evil Wisp, Created by Dr Dingpot.

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