User Rights

You must have 50 constructive edits to run for Chat Moderator

You must have 150 constructive edits to run for Rollback

You must have 200 constructive edits to run for administrator

You must have 250 constructive edits to run for bureaucrat

Chat Rules

  • No swearing unless it's censored.
  • No trolling.
  • Talkplays are allowed.
  • Dont annoy others
  • No sexual content.
  • Don't be racist.
  • Don't talk about romance all the time (Tp's are an exception)

If you disobey these rules, you will be banned from chat.

General Rules

  • Roleplays are allowed.
  • Do not leave any messages with swearing.
  • Any vandalism will be traced to the source and banned.
  • No abusing your powers as admin chat mod or bureaucrat you will lose the powers if you do.
  • Making fun of a sign of authority will lead to a warning if you keep doing this you will achieve a months ban!
  • Don't be rude.
  • Do not be racist
  • Do not be sexist
  • no spreading false info
  • Please Remeber this is A TEAM wiki any page without out a team will be deleted.

If you disobey these rules, you will be blocked or banned

Ban Chart

1 kick = one warning

3 warnings = one ban

If you keep disobeying the rules chat bans will be extended.

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